Periodontal Treatment

At the dental office of Louis B. Sachs, D.D.S, we offer periodontal treatment and services for patients throughout California, MD, Lusby, MD, and Solomons, MD. Periodontal disease affects many people every year. If you have received a diagnosis for periodontitis, you can feel confident knowing that we can provide the right treatment. The sooner you visit for an evaluation, the faster we can provide the effective periodontal treatment you need.

Expert care for periodontal disease

Periodontal disease affects over 75% of Americans, and many people aren’t aware that they have this condition. It is also known as gum disease and in its early stages it is called gingivitis. The disease affects the gums causing them to bleed easily and recede prematurely. Periodontitis in its advanced stages can lead to severe bone loss and can result in the eventual loss of teeth. Catching gum disease early is the best way to reverse its effects and restore the health of your smile.

Trusted periodontal care

If you need periodontic service, our experienced and knowledgeable dental team is here to assist you. Since 1991, we have been helping patients facing periodontal disease by offering the trusted dental care they need. Give us a call to discuss your dental concerns about periodontitis today.

Schedule a consultation

Contact us to schedule a consultation by calling at 1(410) 326-0011. We look forward to providing you with the trusted dental services you need. New patients are always welcome. Give us a call for quality dental care today!

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